Carpets vs wooden floors: Which is best for my family?

Turning your house into a home is something all homeowners – and renters – aspire to do. If you have a young family in tow, then that desire only increases! There are many aspects of our homes that we’d like to change, wallpapers, painted walls, tiling in the bathroom, the bathroom suite itself and of course the flooring!

Once you’ve found yourself a reputable flooring company, it can be so easy to get completely bamboozled by all the deals and the sales jargon! So, before you head to a carpet warehouse, check out the discount flooring depot website for some flooring inspiration.

But which type of flooring is better? Carpet or wooden flooring? It can be a difficult choice to make, so here you’ll find a few pros and cons to help make the choice a little easier!



Carpet is soft and very warm to the touch, so you won’t get cold feet as soon as you get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning!

They’re very soft which means that they’re very comfortable to walk on and they also add an element of safety if your children enjoy wrestling each other on the floor or love running through the house for no apparent reason!

Carpets also absorb sound, so if your teenager enjoys playing their music a little too loudly, or you’re not really in the mood to hear your little one practising their recorder then carpet can help you there!

Carpets can be both elegant statement pieces – especially if they’re bright colours. Or they can help create a blank slate for you to work on if you choose to go for a more neutral colour.


Carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Just think of all that vacuuming! They’re also a nightmare if something is spilt on them which, if you have children is an eventuality.

Carpet doesn’t work in either the kitchen or the bathroom and you’ll also need to consider high traffic areas such as the hallway and the stairs; they can get shabby pretty quickly.


Wooden Flooring


Wooden flooring is often associated with style and is commonplace in affluent households! So if you can get yourself a good price then you can be the envy of all your guests!

Wooden flooring is very durable and will usually last a lifetime – as long as they’re looked after!

They’re great for people or children with allergies as they don’t harbour any dust, mites or anything that may trigger an attack.

Wooden floors also have a timeless appeal! And will look good no matter what goes in the room with them.



The main con with wooden flooring is, sadly the price. However, many homeowners have found a way around that by simply investing in luxury vinyl or laminate with a hard wood flooring pattern or colour. Before you commit and purchase anything, make sure you get the right look – you should never compromise when it comes to investing in your home.

This post is a collaboration with discount flooring depot.