A rest is as good as a change!

I am back!! Yay!!! I haven’t blogged since 20th December and to be honest it felt good to have a little break, a rethink and a social media detox. But I am back and ready to blog my butt off in 2018!

I have all sorts of crappy excuses about where I was, why I wasn’t as here and now as I have been- i won’t bore you with them. My main issue has been cluster headaches still. Yep I hear you they haven’t buggered off yet! Only in week 12 :-/. If you want to check out what the heck I’m on about if your new I wrote about my cluster headaches here-

I have seen lots of people saying they are setting blogging goals or New Years resolutions and I thought about it. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on what way you look at it 2018 for me is all about going with the flow and not pressuring myself to do things. I am completely OCD and I love routine therefore easing the pressure off myself gives me more time for me and my family. If you have set resolutions and goals I hope they go very well for you! Good luck!

Tonight I have started this year by throwing out all the crap out my wardrobe that I have held onto for far too long and even some size 6 items that I can’t even get past my legs anymore!! ? I did love that skirt though!!! It was all very spur of the moment and it’s helping with the new year cleaning! Hopefully the rest of the house will get done this week!! It bloody needs it!! As does the huge piles of ironing that I haven’t tended to over the festive period! Apparently social media wasn’t the only thing I took a break from!! ?