Screen Time- Ipads, tablets and phones for kids?

How many times have I been to a restaurant and Erin’s started crawling under the table or banging her knife and fork about like she’s in some form of rock band and I have grabbed my phone and put her on Cbeebie’s app or a Disney film!? A lot I can tell you!

At first I wasn’t entirely sure I agreed with little ones being on an iPad or watching the phone but I think in moderation that it can be great not only for making meals out peaceful or plane journeys but also to teach children things. Erin has maths games that send me reports of her progress and has learnt a lot of letters and sounds with the Alphablock’s app! I do tend to limit the time she’s on the iPad to just in the mornings or for 30 mins if were out. In the grand scheme of things this is how the world works and if she doesn’t use an iPad or tablet now she will end up being behind the times and ended up like my mum with technology! (God forbid!!)

I asked a few mummy bloggers what their stance was on the subject and I was really surprised as I thought they would be really negative and I was being a bad mummy for letting Erin go on the Ipad! Turns out it looks like there aren’t many people that don’t let their little ones! Hurrah for not getting bad mummy points! Check out what they said below;

I think it’s ok in moderation – I’ve recently reviewed an app on my blog aimed at 0-5 yr old’s so he has done a little more than usual. We mainly use it for watching Mr tumble at toilet time!

We let my 4 year old use an iPad when my 1 year old naps to keep him calm and quiet for a bit so he doesn’t wake her. Like many kids he loves YouTube and has lots of little apps. I actually think he learns a lot from it and let’s be honest, it’s the future. These little people will all be expected to be coders and what not so it’s just a new way of growing up in my eyes.

We have a family iPad that gets shared, plus my son who’s 13 has his own tablet and my 16-year-old daughter has a Chromebook. I have never limited screen time but I will chuck them outside if I feel they’ve been indoors too long. I support them to set their own limits rather than imposing my own. Both will choose to read books or draw instead. I’ve noticed that it’s usually the kids who have very limited access to screens that go mad for them.

My 7 year old uses the iPad quite a lot, however most of it is for reading books and educational games. He will use it almost everyday, but the amount varies! As he loves it, it will be taken away when he is naughty and a set time without it will be given. I love them for travelling in the car both children will use them, even the 2 year old loves it! Http://

My boys (5 and 8) are not allowed to use them after 5pm and we have an iPad free Sunday each week. They tend to use them first thing and a little during the day but both are more outdoorsy, preferring football and bike rides.

My boy has autism and he only has a leap pad atm but I will happily upgrade him to a proper tablet soon. For us, that kind of technology is so helpful. It is predictable, it doesn’t involve social interaction and it follows rules the same way every time. It can calm him when nothing else can and at the moment I would never dream of limiting it as it re-centres him when things are most chaotic. As he grows I will have to see how we go but right now tablets are a huge help to us.

Technology teaches so much. Numbers, letteres, colours, songs, language. My son loves his iPad and I don’t think it’s caused him any harm.

My kids use Android tablets, the iPad is strictly for adults, just because I think its nice to have some things that are just for us. during term time they are allowed on the tablets on set days for an hour after school but not every day then a little bit at weekends, if I let them they would probably lose track of time and stay on them, but as soon as they are off of them they are happy to do something else. I think they are really beneficial at the right time, for example making travel easier, and they certainly have their uses, but I don’t like them being on it too much.

I always said I’d never give my children one, and I got really mad when my mother in law gave them one! But to be honest, my 2 year old only watches about half an hour a day on YouTube. She likes nursery rhymes and counting songs. She also sometimes watches a bit in the morning if she wakes up too early and IM TIRED!

My kids both have their own iPads, and have had them from the age of about 2 (they are now 8 and 6). We’ve never had to set limits on usage for my 8 year old daughter, because the iPad has always been just another toy that she picks up and puts down. I also don’t want to set limits for her because a lot of the time she uses it as a music player to accompany her dancing or gymnastics, rather than something to sit and stare at.
My son however I have to treat a little differently, because left to his own devices he would get up in the morning, start watching YouTube and not move all day, not even getting dressed! So I allow him to have the iPad in the morning, until after breakfast, and then the screens go off until 4.30 ish, when they can go back in again.
I don’t like setting limits, because I believe the technology is hugely beneficial and educational, and because both I and my husband use screens a lot (hubby works from home so is in front of a screen all day), so I feel a bit hypocritical not letting the kids do things that they see us doing. But I strongly believe in a balanced lifestyle, and work to make sure my kids balance technology use with outdoor play, creative play, reading and exercise.

I always said it’d never happen while my son was young. I’d never let my little boy get sucked into watching too much TV or playing with an iPad. In reality, it’s a life saver for long journeys, a great way to get him to sit still when I have housework to do or need five minutes peace and to honest there are some fab educational apps. Everything in moderation

I’m for minimum screen time, due to my observation of how addictive they can be, even for a toddler. As a teacher, I also worry about its impact on his overall concentration. We don’t have an ipad, but he has been allowed access to our tablets at different points. His reaction when we ask him to give it back has been enough of a concern for us to keep our tablets from his sight. Nonetheless, I appreciate that educational games and videos on tablets and phones are fab learning tools; and as such we sometimes use them with me.

I was always dead against buying a chid one, until my son was diagnosed with autism. He loved mine and would use it for the fisher price apps at hospital appointment etc. When autism was mentioned we bought him an iPad of his own. He wasn’t quite two, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. He puts YouTube on and watches what he wants, things like my little pony that I wouldn’t have thought of putting on the tv. We’re updating his iPad for Christmas, it goes everywhere with him. It’s like his comforter. He knows what’s on it, what’s coming next, maybe it’s the routine? At nearly 4 he’s still non verbal but knows his letters numbers to 100 colours and most probably a lot more than I give him credit for. This is because of his iPad and his apps, and of course youtube. I’m hoping it will become his way of communicating with us via a pecs app. There’s no way he would have sat still long enough to play games with us and learn these things. Sometimes I think he has it too much, but I see all the great progress he’s made and I don’t think he can have too much iPad time. He’s an active little boy, who still loves the outdoors.

Nope, no limits or time restrictions here. Mostly we iPad together but occasionally my boys will iPad together (without me too). Very occasionally they’ll iPad alone! I think iPads are fantastic learning resources and there are so many brilliant apps. Http://

Yes my nephew who’s 8yrs old has his own Tablet and we had to put a time block and password on it and this will flash up once his limits have been reached as he was becoming addicted to using it all the time. He loves playing games on it or going into YouTube and watching funny videos (parental control is on). He does learn a lot from it as certainly asks plenty of questions too.

My boys are 3 and 6 and they have them sporadically. There is no set time. Sometimes it can be every day for half an hour or so for a week (I put the timer on), others it can be every few weeks. It all depends on what we are doing. I think in moderation it is ok and there are so many kid-friendly educational apps out there that help them with their letters and number so I certainly don’t think they are a bad thing.

Used in moderation I think they’re fine but I find it really sad to see families with children (who are old enough to hold a conversation) out for dinner watching the ipad and not engaging with their parents / each other. Having said that, they can be a brilliant learning resource and very handy to have to hand on long journeys etc.

Used in moderation here too – usually for homework research, or as a reward. I agree that they are fantastic learning resources and it’s important that kids get to grips with technology. My only rule is that there is no iPad before school, or after dinner (before bed – that’s wind down time) xx

My daughter who is nearly 2 watches stuff on our phones and tablet – YouTube Kids and DisneyLife mainly. We don’t have any restrictions and I don’t see it as being any different to watching TV. She still does plenty of active stuff, but I see no issue in watching some Mickey Mouse in bed with me in the morning etc

I was against it to begin with, but then her nursery have then attached to the walls with an egg timer next to each one. I guess it’s just a generation thing and these kids will grow up knowing html as a language, so I just need to get over it! Http://

Mine are at school and preschool so I’m fine with them watching their iPads when they get home, it’s just like watching TV. During the holidays we try to get out and about as much as possible but when we’re at home they are free to do what they want; play with toys, watch the iPad, draw etc

My son is allowed to use my iPad mini but no longer than 15 minutes at a time. But to be totally honest he never asks for it unless I’ve left it out somewhere in sight. I took it with us on holiday twice in last 2 months and it never left my bag. He really isn’t that bothered by tech stuff and gaming which makes me very happy – he is 6 and half

My friend gave us her 1st Gen iPad when it became unusable thanks to OS updates, so my daughter was using it from a very early age (2? 3?) – fortunately some kids apps (Toca Boca) and books were usable. She has her own Kindle Fire now which is set for an hour’s use a day (when I remember to charge it up!), 30 minutes on apps and 30 minutes reading – she’s on Harry Potter book 5 and I’m not letting her read my hardback edition – the Kindle is much easier!). She’s almost seven now and uses it sensibly. She still asks to use it all the time, but knows the reality is she won’t get her own way!

I’ve found ipads a good idea on long journeys/car trips to watch I player etc but wouldn’t let my daughter use it regularly at home. She has in the past and her behaviour has been worse as there is no end and taking away the ipad causes major temper tantrums. YouTube is the

I think in reality screen time in any form can be brilliant for kids and sometimes you do need to get things done and it’s a quick mess free solution! My son has learnt so much from his tablet/apps and as their future is largely going to be digital it’s great to be ahead of the times. My two are already better with technology than their grandparents at 2 and 4 years old. We get plenty of fresh air and have lots of adventures but there is definitely a need for down time too.

My kids have their own tablets, 8 & 6, and have done for a few years. Having their own basic ones give them a sense of responsibility – it breaks it won’t be replaced- so they are very protective of them! It’s fab for games, learning activities and watching videos on and I tend to stick to no more than 2 hours at a time before I tell them to do something else (but they don’t know that they have a time limit and will often put them down way before then). On the flip side my kids will happily play with toys, draw or write ot want to play in the garden – it’s just an added activity or extension of what they can do in their free time!

At 4 (x2)and 5 my three are only allowed their iPads at the weekend or when we are on a long travel journey. It became difficult to deal with because unlike a television programme that finishes when they are all watching it, the things they are playing on/watching all finish at separate times on the iPads and they aren’t mature enough to understand that it is fair that we have a set time – they think the fairness lies in the iPads being turned off when a programme/game finishes and therefore they cause too much conflict. I understand this is different when you only have one child but with 3 it is a real issue. I’ve also noticed they are much more addicted to the iPads than tv so we limit it more.

My daughter is almost 3…she would watch YouTube all day but we prefer tv shows so do limit iPad or phone time…30 mins to 60 mins a day :-)we not into apps. Http://

I have a 2.5 year old who is addicted to watching YouTube! I don’t tend to limit use of it if I’m honest. I’m all for an easy life and watching YouTube is a great way to keep her quiet! Bad Mam Award to me!!!