When are you supposed to use sun cream? UV-Buddy review

Have you ever gone out and it’s been sunny but cold and you have toyed with the thought of sunscreen? So have I especially with little ones as thier skin is so precious.

UV-Buddy Jewellery is the solution! I have always tried to figure when’s the best time to apply sun creams- is it just in the summer when the sun is blazing hot.. That’s what I thought, it appears not! When we were sent UV-Buddy jewellery to test I realised I was doing both my daughters and my skin an injustice. Even in the autumnal weather we should still be using sunscreen☀️

I have read research about celebrities using sunscreen as a moisturiser but thought nothing of it and didn’t think it actually did anything for your skin. How wrong was I! The technology behind UV-Buddy is ultraviolet beads that change colour when reacting with uv light to show you are able use sunscreen and stay safe in the sun and the clouds!!
UV-Buddy has a range of bag charms, necklaces and bracelets and can make custom made products at request. Not only do the beads change colour for when you should be wearing sun cream you can also test the strength of your cream on one of the beads. You do this by applying the cream to one of the beads to see if it slows down the colouring reaction and to see if the cream rubs off easily onto clothes!
It’s not just a colourful fashion accessory it can be a UV warning system to unsure you always keep your little ones and yourself the protection you need.
Both Erin and I have tiny little wrists but the bracelets come in sizes- Erins is the extra small and comes in purple and lilac beads. My bracelet is blue and all hold the UV-Buddy metal symbol so you can differentiate between other beaded bracelets. 

The one thing I did love about the brand is the bag charms. I don’t always want to put jewellery on but always carry our changing bag, which is great to see the colours changing. 

UV-Buddy is in partnership with the Skin cancer charity Skcin and does a lot of research into damaging UV Ray’s and the effect on the skin. To buy one of these amazing products you can purchase from or email or follow them on Facebook at
Nb. We were sent the items to review in exchange for an honest review and all opinions and pictures are my own.