Sensory Play with Zimpli Kids #AD

My kids love getting messy and they used to go to “messy play” classes well before lockdown happened. Both girls missed this kind of interaction not only with their peers but with sensory experiences.

Most parents worry about messy play at home and they don’t want the mess and clean up afterwards. I always find that the “risk of mess” is dependable on the products chosen and how you prepare for them. I was asked to review the Zimpli Kids range and I knew it was perfect for little mess and clean up afterwards which can satisfy the girls sensory needs.

The Zimpli kids Range is dual purpose- you can use the range in a bath to completely encapsulate the mess or you can use small amounts in inflatable trays or a tuff tray which again is minimal clean up. Perfect for a quick activity that keeps both parents and kids happy.

The ranges we have been sent

As you can see the ranges are fantastic. The ranges are expansive in colours and types of sensory experiences including- slime, glitter slime and Gelli. All of the packs are safe on skin if you have little ones with sensitive skin and they are all easy clean dissolving easily.

The fantasy pack comes with a selection of props for within your Gelli and a tray that you can blow up for easy play. We also like to use lots of other utensils in our messy play such as ice cream cones and scoops to add that extra fun when playing. The packs are also perfect for colour learning too as they come in a great range of colours. As you can see the girls adore playing in the Gelli.

The packs are so easy to do and all you need to do is add water. Make sure you follow the amounts on the packs because I have previously made that mistake and just guessed which made us a pretty sloppy gelli bath!!! To get rid of the slimes and Gelli you either water it down or use a sachet to get rid of the solution. Either way it is safely able to go down the drain without blocking it which is fab!


As you can see there are so many ways to enjoy the slime and Gelli and you can get yourself fully emersed. Erin likes to add other things like food to make different textures to play with too!

All of the Zimpli kids products are great for messy play without the big clean up! No staining of clothes, no blocking drains or irritating skin! You can buy Zimpli Kids from Amazon. Check out all of their products at Zimpli kids.