Jo Jo Siwa- Bodacious Bows & Boomerang Singing Doll

This year has seen the launch of Jo Jo Bows. They have become one of the biggest trends amongst young ladies all over the world.  Jo Jo Siwa has not just got a great selection of oversized bows, but she also now has toys.

Erin has got all of her reward stickers on her reward chart and has won house point winner at school. So I brought out the big guns and surprised her with the latest Jo Jo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Singing Doll. She was shocked, to say the least when she saw we were reviewing it.

The Bodacious Bow is an oversized bow with attached multicoloured hair. The bow is attachable to your little one’s hair with an easy to grasp plastic crocodile clip.  When we opened the bow it has two clear plastic hairbands on. One at the top and one at the bottom. Don’t make the same mistake as me and take the top one out. This leaves the hair loose and will come out in clumps! doh!! so I very quickly but the elastic back to the top and it resolved all problems. User error!

Erin loved having the bow in her hair and was able to put it in herself with ease. She loved the fact it had multicoloured hair strands and she could match Jo Jo herself.  The quality of the bow and hair was great, it doesn’t feel plastic and cheap which I have found with other similar products on the market, It comes in several different colours so can be matched to your outfits. The Bodacious bow retails at £9.99 and can be bought from all large toy stores.

Erin is one for dolls. She loves them. A doll that does things other than the standard is perfect for her too.

Jo Jo Siwa Singing doll fits the bill perfectly. The doll comes with multicoloured hair strands (to match the Bodacious Bow). Included in the package comes a microphone, an oversized bow and a hairbrush. The best thing about the doll is that if you press the doll’s belly button, she sings her hit song boomerang and follows it up with #Bestiesnotbullies. This was perfect as Erin and I were discussing bullies as this week it is Anti-bullying week. The doll really assisted in showing her what beliefs she should have and that her friends are so much more important than being an enemy.

Erin loved the doll and said it was the best doll she had all year! that’s a big statement for Erin! The singing doll is available at Argos and other stores and retails for £24.99

We have played with Jo Jo ever since. If you want to check out our unboxing video click here.