Erins Birthday- A Gift Guide for 6 Year olds

It is Erin’s birthday on the 8th May and she is going to be 6! The time has gone so quickly from her first ever birthday where I am not going to lie… I didn’t buy her anything. She had no idea it was her birthday and got spoilt by everyone.
This year Erin has given me a wish list! So, I have decided to make a ‘what to buy a 6-year-old’ gift list. Some things we have been very generously been given to include within this guide and others are things I have bought or am going to buy.

Fab Lab Hair Lights- £9.99

This is going to be the highlight of Erin’s Birthday! (sorry I couldn’t help the pun!!). Erin loves to copy me when it comes to her hair and always asks why I can have colours in my hair when we are at the hairdresser. This is her chance to using the latest in the FabLab cosmetics range which gives little people the chance to bring the hair salon home and use the 6 temporary hair colours to follow the latest trends of Ombre, unicorn and rainbow. They are easy to apply and better still easy to wash out. They are long lasting so don’t start to look dull and are perfectly safe for little hands and have been fully tested with no harmful chemicals.

Alvin and The Chipmunks XXL100 Puzzle- £6.99

Erin has loved doing Jigsaws since she was old enough to complete them. They are a great family activity to enjoy during calmer moments and before bed. To wind down the mind- it works really well to tire the eyes and mind. As Erin is getting older she is looking to do harder jigsaws so this Alvin and the Chipmunks XXL 100-piece puzzle is perfect. It is aimed at children 6 years plus and is part of a great range of puzzles for all ages and styles from Ravensburger. Ravensburger is a giant in the puzzle world and has always been our go-to place for a classic. Erin will be delighted with her puzzle and it will be one to add to our nighttime puzzle fun.

Retro Popcorn Maker- £37.99

What child doesn’t love Popcorn and a movie?! I still do! This year Matt and I decided Erin would Love a popcorn machine and Find me a gift had just the thing. The popcorn maker can also toast nuts! The top of the machine can be used as a serving bowl and it has a special feature that ensures it doesn’t burn. It includes a measuring spoon which makes 24 cups of popcorn per batch. It’s easy to clean and will be a stylish addition to our kitchen. Erin will be so happy to make her own popcorn and watch it popping when we sit down to watch a film, especially The Greatest Showman- her new favourite film. You can get your own popcorn maker from; Find me a gift

Lol Surprises- £5.99 upwards

I thought by now this fazes may have fizzled out. It would appear not and actually, Erin loves them more than ever. When we were in America we found that LOL surprises are cheaper than here and are also easier to get hold of. Many times, Matt and I snook to the car without her knowing from Target and purchases some LOL surprise balls and hit them in our luggage for her birthday. They are 7 layered balls that kids revel in the opening and include a small doll with accessories inside. They also do ‘little sisters’ and ‘pet’ dolls.

Luvabella Doll- £72.99

Earlier in the year, Erin didn’t want one of these lifelike mannered dolls as she went off them. She is now obsessed. This is 100% what she wants for her birthday and there is no budging on it. She loves the fact Luvabella is realistic in her mannerisms. She has true to life facial expressions and movements if you tickle her she giggles, she reacts with a spoon and soother and can learn 100 words and phrases! The contents include the doll, a removable dress, a set of removable bottoms, a removable bow, 4 interactive accessories including; spoon, bottle, soother and lamby. Unfortunately, batteries aren’t included.

Hallmark Gift Cards- Price Varies

Finally, I always like to buy Erin a card that she will love the opening, cards can be boring for kids and they sometimes seem to be the area that little ones look over because meaningful words aren’t for them. If you can hook a 6-year-old with a picture, some glitter or something 3D then your halfway there. Hallmark has given me the chance to ensure Erin is engaged with this year’s birthday card being a 3D Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she will not only love this but I do too! They have also sent us a selection of their new range featuring many Disney cards that we love and can’t wait to use.