Uniform Heaven- Gone never to be seen again!

Its half term again and I have done the dreaded washing of uniform. Erin was sent home with bags of items to ensure they are all refreshed for next term.

I get all of her uniform out and assess the damage. Yep the damage. One term and we have lost a few items to Uniform heaven. The first item to go was; A cardigan, this died from over use of a sharpie. Yes, the entirety of the back of the arm was covered in black sharpie- not even the side Erin can reach. Explain that one!!!

The next items we have lost to uniform heaven is 2 white t shirts- unfortunately spaghetti Bolognese took these! Nice big thick splodges of red sauce smack bang in the middle of her top- no amount of stain remover bought these back to life!!

We have also lost- a glove, a juice bottle, some tights?! And a sock! We also had the usual outgrowing of pinafores. All in all, after one term I am broke from uniform again.

Thankfully one thing that hasn’t been an issue is name labels- our last name labels became unstuck and actually fell off in the wash. Sticker Scape have come to the rescue with their hardy name labels that have immense sticking power. This means that I now have stickers of all kinds- Large, small and Iron on to enable us to stop losing everything! They have stuck like Glue onto all of Erin’s new items of clothing, bags and juice bottles.  We chose the unicorn Mixed pack as they have such a great selection of sizes and types of labels.

My favourite thing about these labels as the largest size is huge, when you are looking for things like book bags they are perfect to easily spot your little ones. They also ironed on well to tights which I have issues with in the past. Erin loved the unicorn pack as they designs were so fun!

Hopefully we may lose less items to the gods of lost property next term!!!

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