Too much sugar at Halloween!? #nojunkpromise

How do you have a halloween without junk food? when kids go trick or treating and get give so much rubbish how do you take it all of them and say no kids but heres an apple?! Organix have surveyed mums across the UK to discover what they think about the sugary Halloween junk that’s being given to their kids over the period!

The Scary statistics from Organix include;

Lurid orange lollies, ghoulish black cakes and sinister grey candy floss… the huge array of Halloween-inspired sugary treats loaded with artificial  colourings and flavourings is a nightmare for parents according to an Organix survey – 81% feel huge pressure to buy their children these unhealthy sweets and think the food industry is taking advantage of the annual event to cash in by selling unhealthy food, sweets and snacks (97%).

An Organix No Junk Survey of Mums across the UK reveals that 97% of mums think most of the food sold at Halloween contains high levels of artificial colourings and flavourings and that it is full of sugar (98%).  In fact, half of mums are so anxious about what’s in the sickly treats they don’t even dare to read the terrifying list of E-numbers on the food labels (46%).

While years ago you might have hoped for a few penny sweets when trick and treating, these days many stores sell large ‘swag buckets’ for youngsters to carry their huge haul of nasty treats around.  No wonder 92% of mums say Halloween is a time when children eat too much junk and 72% wish there was a healthy alternative at Halloween to sweets and ‘treats’.

In a bid to help parents and children join in with the fun of Halloween, but ditch the junk, Organix has a fantastic range of treats for babies and toddlers including soft oaty bars, gingerbread and animal biscuits, popcorn and crispy bars. We have been lucky enough to be sent a selection of these and they are fantastic. It even inspired me to clean out Erin’s ‘treat’ cupboard and replace them with healthy snacks from the Organix Range.

For Halloween you’ll find lots more no junk spooky recipes created by the cooks at Organix at   For lots more recipes and tips to help you and your family enjoy good food and avoid the junk follow #NoJunkJourney.