Always great to have a handy helper!

Do you ever feel like you need 15 arms and 25 eyes every time you stop the car and try and get out?! I do!!!

Do you need a helper! Erin is one of those independent girls that always wants to open her own car door not hold my hand and genuinely be self sufficient- great! Until your on a main road- the fear has been upon me many times!!!

Handy helpers came to the rescue. We live on a busy village road by the shops so there are cars passing all day. We also have to park on the road which is a a problem. When I have got to get things out the car and Erin as I don’t feel like I can watch her and put my head in the car to get the items. This is where handy helpers came in and I know use a genius magnet that sticks to my car. Erin is able to put her hand on the pink hand on the magnet and understands she is not to move until I say so. This keeps her close to my car and not wandering off unexpectedly.

The magnet itself has a white background with a pink or blue hand dependant on which you choose.

It is able to stay on your car most of the time. Unless you have high speeds. I have been on the motor way and mines been fine.

The handy helpers is available to buy from

The price of £10 and they really do help with putting my mind at ease.