Summer Holiday fun at Crealy Devon #AD

Every year we head to Devon for at least one week of the summer holidays- we love Devon and are always looking for places to go which will entertain the kids for the day and is a great day out. We have been to Crealy before when Erin was the same age as Edith is now- so that was 7 years ago and because she’s not a huge fan of big rides we hadn’t been again. Edith on the other hand is an adrenaline Junkie and now she is the right height for the rides at Crealy it was the perfect time to go.

Crealy is the biggest family theme park in Devon and is a great family day out with over 60 rides for all the family. Crealy is an award winning resort and theme park which has just opened its brand new ‘Sooty Land’.

The Resort boasts a range of luxurious five star hot tub lodges, themed glamping tents and 100 fully services camping pitches, unfortunately we have never tested out the overnight stays but I have heard good things from people who have.

Sooty was a big part of my childhood and I wanted to show the kids what it was all about. Sooty Land has 4 new rides, a huge indoor soft play and themed cafes and shops. There is even live daily performances of the Sooty Show at the big top Showtime.

When we arrived at Crealy the girls were super excited they couldn’t decide what to go on first! Edith was heading for the big rides and Erin was heading for the play parks- This is great if you have children fearful of rides or younger kids. We had a great time on the bigger rides whilst Erin went on a selection of smaller rides and parks.

The queues in the park were short we never waited longer than 20 minutes which is fantastic for the 2 week of the 6 weeks holidays! The park also isn’t overwhelmingly big which I like as I feel like I can concentrate on both kids at the same time even though they are off in different directions.

Sooty Land was great and we went on the new rides and ate some great food, the longest line we were in was for food but that is because we did the typically British thing and ate when the heavens opened and it was 12.30pm! Even then the queues weren’t awful. Food was reasonably priced and tasted good too. The soft play in Sooty land was huge and the girls loved it. Everything was pushchair/wheelchair accessible which I really liked too. I took lots of pics of our day out but I don’t want to give too much away which takes away all of the excitement our kids had when they saw everything for the first time!

Overall we really enjoyed our day out and would definitely return sooner this time! There are rides for all ages and a great edition to a holiday away or a day out if you live closer.