ClevaMama Black Out Blinds for better sleep for babies

Summer nights and kids are not a recipe for sleep! My girls have always slept in a pitch black room and love it that way!

At home we have to black out blinds and black out curtains but that leaves an issue when we go on holiday as not many places have the level of black out that our girls need! Which can prove tricky and therefore leave us with 5am wake ups.

Thankfully there is a solution to this! ClevaMama is a family-owned, nursery brand, who has worked with sleep expert Andrea Grace, to offer their top travel essentials, tips and advice for parents to help ensure their babies have better sleep whilst travelling.

According to research, travelling to new and unfamiliar places can significantly impact baby’s sleep patterns. In particular, lighter evenings and earlier mornings can bring numerous sleep challenges to young babies, which can lead to much higher sleep temperatures as a result.

When babies are hot, they can run the risk of overheating, and struggle with large discomfort as a result. As their body temperature dips at night (as it’s naturally inclined to do), this not only triggers the brain to get ready for sleep, but also results in deeper, better sleep. So, it’s essential to keep your baby’s little body as cool as possible, by keeping their room temperature between 16-20°C.

Andrea comments, “Sleep is hugely important, not only for babies’ health and growth, but also for their learning and development. Travelling with a young baby can significantly impact their sleep routine, so it’s essential to ensure your baby is getting optimal sleep when abroad. The most important thing is to keep your little one’s room shielded from the sun, so it doesn’t become too warm, and to prevent your baby overheating when sleeping”.

The ClevaMama Black out Blind is the best solution- Black out blinds are designed for safety, versatility and convenience. The unique light and heat reflective lining offers the perfect safeguard against overheating in your nursery during warmer days, while ensuring your baby has a peaceful, safe, and darkened sleeping environment. The large suction cups ensure the blind can be easily stuck to any window for ease when travelling, to reflect the light and heat, keeping your baby’s room cool and dark.

We have been using our black out blind whilst we were away and it’s kept the sun out and kept the girls room cool as well as ensuring they stay in bed later than 5am! They are super easy to put up with the suction cups and also have a carry bag for easy travel! A great universal travel solution that you can reuse again and again!