Happy Birthday Fireman Sam- DVD Review and Giveaway!

Sam is 30! How did that happen?! I know how that happened actually as I remember him when i was little! Sam has always been the hero next door! I loved watching him when I was little and still love it now. I am lucky enough that Erin has the same love for Fireman Sam that I have.

Erin and I snuggled down in bed and made a “cinema” (closed the curtains in the bedroom!) and we put Sam on. Although it has changed so much since I was little it’s changed for the best! Sam still lives in Ponty Pandy but has so many fab new aspects to his career! A helicopter, boat and of course he still has his shiny red truck!

All the same old characters are included too and all the old Ponty Pandy haunts are still the same with a more modern twist! I loved it. To celebrate Sam’s birthday he is back witha new DVD collection of tales and rescue in “Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday”, which was released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 3rd April.
Episodes featured in this charming collection are:- Sam’s Birthday; Pontypandy in the Park; Paddle On; The Great Party Panic and Pizza Pandemonium.

If you fancy getting your hands on Sam’s Birthday DVD you can enter our competition to be in a chance to win it yourself! Just click the link below!