We did it!! Finally!!

So after selling our house in December we managed to find one the two days later.

Our offer was accepted and everything was smooth running. The people who wanted to buy our house wanted to move quickly and that was perfect for us.

We sold our house and had a date to move. We had a lot of promises that our new house would be ready in two weeks. We packed up and moved to Matt’s family (god bless them having to put up with me, matt and Erin and all our crap that comes with us!!).

We went away to Florida and assumed we would be moving on ye return. No such luck. Seven weeks later we are finally in.

When I think back to the stress that I felt in feeling like a burden and not knowing what was happening with the house, I now see what it’s on the top 3 most stressful things.

There is a silver lining to all the stress though- I have managed to lose the weight I have been trying to shift for a year. Bonus!

All in all this is the reason I have been quiet at the moment but luckily I have a snazzy new office to write in. I am back with avengence!

I even managed to cook a roast lamb dinner for Erin, Matt and I today on my new snazzy hob!! Ekkk!!