Sun, Swimwear and Summer with Protest #AD

Finally the seasons have been teasing us and have been showing us a glint of summer. We have had some amazing days in the garden and I have even managed a bit of a tan! As with every year I have eaten too much chocolate or had a baby and my body has changed shape. This normally means frantically running around in search of somewhere to find decent swimwear. Now I have found it- Protest.

Protest is an online shop offering a massive range of swimwear for men, women and kids alongside many other products. I can hear you screaming at me- What if they don’t fit?! Well Protest fixes that worry for you and gives you an exacting measurement guide which enables you to get the perfect fit. Everything normally comes for me and is normally too small or huge but the items I bought fit me excellently and all it took was 2 measurements. So yes you can online shop with confidence…. even for bikinis.

I am quite particular about my swimwear and they have to meet certain requirements for me. Protest enabled me to get several bikinis which all fit my specific needs. They had so many to choose from- push up, triangle I was actually spoilt for choice.

The order process was really simple and didn’t take a lot of faffing about which is great when your trying to order things in between your kids cries of ‘MUUMMMMMM’. The order came within 3 working days even in the conditions we are presently in so its not been affected at all.

I am really happy with the quality of bikinis and clasps etc they are all very well made and are worth the price of the items. The cost of the items is middle range but when they have a sale they items are really cheap which is fab.

I would definitely recommend Protest and have had a browse of all the items on there and the range is great, from Snow suits to bikinis for all ages and sex’s. They will be perfect for when we go on holiday which will hopefully be soon but in the mean time, I will definitely be using them to top up my tan in the garden.

I am able to offer my readers a great coupon code too- glossy10 which can be used until June 30th 2020 and will give you 10% off.