Brainstom Mini Mosaics – Unicorn and Dragon Review

Being on a plane for 4.5 hours without a tv in sight and Erin on holiday hyperactive I was stressing. I had been compiling things to do with her but hadn’t got anything that would really hold her interest or take longer than ten minutes.

Luckily we were sent some Dragon and Unicorn Mini Mosaics From Brainstorm. You can buy them here:

First Impressions;
I had been a little worried how large they were and if they would come in large box with lots of packaging. I was so happy when they arrived in a small clear plastic Sleeve. Perfect. They were A5 size and would fit nicely in our hand luggage without taking up loads of room.

In Use:

Erin tested one of these before we left to ensure she was able to do it and it wasn’t going to be a nightmare. I thought I may have to sit with her to help her do it. She u wrapped it and was able to get the stickers off with ease. She figured how to do it within seconds and without me telling her. she absolutely adored the fact that the stickers were glittery! (So did I!!!)

The Verdict:

For such a simple concept it kept her occupied and happy. It took her about 20 minutes to complete the whole thing. The board that you stick the stickers to is really good quality and won’t be bent easily. Erin kept her finished article in her room as a little picture was great. She loved it and so did I! I really wanted to do one myself as it seemed so relaxing! ?