Caring for your family with Surcare #AD

In our family we have two types of people…. Erin and I with hardcore skin that you can throw anything at and Edith and Matthew who mark easily and suffer from psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Edith also has several allergies which we are currently in the midst of getting tested so I don’t want to risk her being allergic to anything else!

This obviously makes for problematic washing as I try to not affect their skin whilst still needing everything to wash at a high level of stain removing and throughly cleaning especially due to covid and Erin being at school.

I have always used standard Non bio but that was the best I could find until I found Surcare. Surcare has so many great factors it does all the jobs in one, whilst protecting my family.

Surcare is a homecare brand which includes washing capsules, fabric softener and washing up liquid all created for those with skin sensitivities & allergies, so perfect for my family.

Surcare is kind on the skin and is able to be used every day and still won’t unsettle the most sensitive skins. This is because there aren’t any unecessary nasties – no fragrance, no dyes and no acids or enzymes.
As I said I always need something to wash as well as protecting the family and this does just that! Even on a quick wash.

After using Surcare for several weeks in our washing we haven’t had any flare ups and the washing quality hasn’t changed which is great. I love that there is a complimenting fabric softener so I don’t have to risk a flare up because I used an alternative product for that too which is great. I thought I would be really put off by the fact there is no scent as that normally draws me to a washing capsule but it means more to me to keep the family safe and didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

I am really pleased that Surcare has the Uk allergy seal of approval as this definitely gives me piece of mind whilst we investigate Edith’s allergy’s and I haven’t seen anything or laundry detergent with that on so this really gives me peace of mind that we are keeping her safe.

I have also been using the washing up liquid daily which has been put through the mill with grease, grime and even having the clean the hoover filter and it definitely did the job!

They have even had a little makeover of their brand making it all sparkly and new but nothing has been changed or compromised!
The full range of Surcare products are available in Sainsbury’s, and parts of the range available in Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose & Co-op.

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