Add a touch of Magic with Lex Go! Games #Gifted

Whether its Disney magic Hogwarts magic, I love anything to make days or nights in lockdown go a bit faster! We have been asked if we would like the new Lex Games Harry Potter and Disney Games in exchange for an honest review and of course we said yes.

Now at first when I received these I thought oh these will be perfect for Erin and I to play which was true but what else I realised is these are perfect for date night! Matt and I love games like this and get really competitive and they are easy to do at a dinner table. So I firstly love the versatility of Lex Go! The other thing I like is there are small enough to go in bags and therefore can be taken away on holiday or out for dinner to play.

After dinner date night for Matt and I

Lex Go is a fast paced word game where you play against other players to get rid of all your tiles, by creating words, swapping letters and even attacking other players words! I’m sure you can imagine how this goes on date night as I get very competitive!

The game is in a portable bag too which keeps everything together for on the go too. When playing a game you will find picture tiles which give you an advantage over the other players, these mean you can steal tiles, stop time, mess up the other players tiles and lots more!

Both of the games that we have are themed- Disney and Harry Potter but there is an original Lex Go game too. The more people you play with the more chaos it becomes! So when lockdown is lifted and were allowed to meet outside and see friends again this will be a great after dinner game that will keep adults and children entertained

Of course with any game there are words that aren’t allowed! No plurals, acronyms or abbreviations, no proper nouns and no 1 letter words! All of this of course made my brain go to jelly several times and I lost every game both Erin and I and Matt and I played! I’m obviously not great under pressure!!

Over all we love the game and the fact it can be played in 10 minutes is great, you can play 2-4 players and its a really enjoyable game. Erin loved it as much as us too so it’s definitely perfect for all the family. You can buy Lex Go from Amazon.