Moonpig Moments this Christmas #Event #Gifted

This year has been a funny one hasn’t it! Especially with Covid- so many people have received terrible birthday cards from me as the ones I have ordered haven’t come or have just been from the local shop that I’m in.

Christmas is going to be different!! I was invited to the Moonpig virtual Christmas event where not only were we treated to the most amazing floral class with Moonpig’s flowers but we also had a fantastic cocktail making session! To top it off we were also shown the key features of the Moonpig app and there was so much I didn’t know.

Previous to now I have always ordered Moonpig cards to the house as I haven’t wanted to not add the personal touch of my handwriting which then made it more long winded so I would have to plan in advance. Moonpig have fixed that issue for you and now have the most amazing solution- you can now add your own handwriting to a card… I hear you- it never looks the same written on a phone or ipad but this is different. Moonpig have enabled you to write on a piece of paper and upload that into your card with ease. The kids can now include a little drawing or their own personalised signature to your cards too!

Moonpig do a card for every eventuality and also have so many cards that can be personalised to meet your exact requirements- I don’t know about you but I always struggle to find the perfect card- Edith’s Nan likes to be called “Nannie” there’s not many cards with that spelling so it’s perfect that they can be personalised.

The other thing I was worried about this Christmas was not being able to send different cards to different addresses and the whole ordering process taking forever. Moonpig have got an amazing system that now means you can send all your cards to different addresses if you so wish! Which is perfect for a truly personal experience and also saving money on those stamps that seem to cost a small fortune!!

The other thing I love about Moonpig is the fact that the app reminds you of the people you would normally forget! I miss so many birthdays or end up sending cards and gifts late. The app sends a notification in plenty of time for you to remember and send a card. It even stores the address for you and can remind you every year! How perfect is that!

I know this year will certainly be much more organised for me and that I will be using the app to send the perfect card…. even if we are in lockdown again!!