Perfect solutions for positive rewarding!


Threenager’s are what I like to call little monkeys who have turned three and think they are thirty three!! I have a Threenager who has the attitude of a thirteen year old and tantrums of a three year old! All in all a difficult behaviour to control! I have found in the past praise works a lot better than punishment and Erin reacts well to reward Charts.


When she sporadically decided she would potty train herself at night I was dubious it would be a success as she still had a sodden nappy throughout the night! I let her try it and put the wet sheet on and for 3 days she did fantastically and the bed was dry! I thought I had hit the jackpot- until the broken sleep appeared and pyjamas were soaked through. I needed to come up with another tactic and quick!!!


Miggins and B were the saviour! Reward charts that are more fun than ‘put the star on the line’. Erin has been horse riding recently and really enjoying it so when we were offered the ‘Riding School’ Reward chart from their fabulous range of several different styles for boys and girls and I couldn’t resist.


The Chart is large A3 size and is made of an entire picture of whichever theme you decide. The Riding School is made up of stables, yard and a field. The stickers (that are reusable) are horse’s heads for in the stables and horses for the yard and when all horses are collected there is a rosette. The horses are able to be kept at the bottom of the sheet so they are easily accessible.


Erin was really excited by the concept and is was drawn in quickly- we set a prize together and confirmed what she would have to do. That night she went to bed and I was all prepared for my early wake up. It didn’t come! She woke up went to the toilet and ran back in and shouted ‘ can I have a horse mum’ much to my partners shock when his ears pricked up-until he realised she wanted a sticker!! Since then she has remembered her prize and it has really helped keep her dry at night knowing she will get something at the end! We really enjoyed using the chart and were really pleased with the results that ‘praising’ good behaviour can have. You can buy the Miggins and B Reward chart from for £12.50. Do you have any ideas for night time potty training?