Paw Patrol Ryders Alphabet #AD #PAWPatrollearningtoys

For the last year everything we have watched and loved ha been Paw Patrol related! We sing the songs in the car, watch it religiously and even saw the Paw Patrol Movie in the holidays! This means Edith will do almost anything when it comes to Paw Patrol even eat all of her dinner as long as it’s on a Paw Patrol plate!! This is has been great for me because we have been using the Paw Patrol Ryders Alphabet to learn our sounds and letters!

This great bit of kit is really self explanatory for little ones and easy for little fingers to control on their own, the Alphabet Tablet is suitable for 2 years plus and encourages learning of letters, phonics sounds and words. The way it does this is by giving the child questions to complete a task by using sounds and recognition of your favourite Paw Patrol characters. Using a touch sensitive screen this helps you’re little one with their hand eye coordination.

The sound on the tablet can be turned up and down and is surrounded by a rubber exterior so even if your little one is as clumsy as mine they won’t be able to easily drop it and break it. There are 3 games to play- Ryder lights up and asks the child to find a letter or an object or identify the first letter of a particular word which is perfect for word recognition, listening and understanding.

As you can see when Edith gets one right she’s super happy! She’s been loving playing with her Alphabet tablet and is enjoying the ranges of games. One thing we really liked is how easy it is to have on the go so on the way to school when Edith is normally sat in her pushchair she can now play along to her Paw Patrol Alphabet Tablet happily and keep herself entertained! It would also be great at restaurants and on planes!

All in all we love the tablet and we are already recalling alphabet recognition which is great considering she didn’t know them last week! You can buy the Paw Patrol Alphabet Tablet from Argos for £18.00 which would make a great gift for toddlers and preschool children for Christmas! We will definitely be buying this for some of Edith’s little friends!