Going out with Go Carz! #AD

If you know me you will know we live in the middle of nowhere and just Eat and Uber eats are a thing of dreams! So is getting a taxi anywhere without ringing a week in advance! Well we thought that was the case… until now!

Go Carz have launched a new app which makes booking a taxi as easy as 123! All you need to do is open the app- click book put in your destination and passengers and it gives you real time updates of where you are and when your taxi will be with you and even the cost! It’s that simple!

What’s even better is you can use your own car seats! I am a stickler for car seat safety to the point where Erin doesn’t need one but she’s still in one and Edith is still rear facing and will be for as long as possible! So to use my car seats that I know are safe and I know how to correctly fit them really eases my worries! They are also looked after until your return journey which is fantastic!

We used Go Carz to go to Cadbury world and it was all so simple to do- including live countdown of how far away the vehicle was. When the vehicle arrived we were given a huge car which was perfect for all of us and the baggage that comes with two kids on a day out!

The driver was friendly and assisted if we needed any help and was polite and professional. We had a safe smooth ride to Cadbury world and the driver even gave us his phone number if we wanted to leave any earlier or had any issues which was really good of him.

Other things I noticed about the car which were great were that there was a stash of masks and hand sanitiser for customers use so if you had forgotten yours or needed some they were there to use. The driver also offered us his phone charger when Erin had asked to use my phone which was able to be plugged in at the back in a port by my chair. Matt said he had ports by his seats in the middle row too. All in all it was a great ride and I couldn’t have asked for anything better from a taxi firm.

Go Carz is the perfect addition to the West Midlands to enable us to use a taxi service at the drop of a pin! You can even gift your friends discounts too which is fab!