No colds for winter! 

I have always been one of those people that as soon as winter strikes I get full of cold! I needed a way of getting rid of the nasty germs and not be ill for Christmas.

When I was asked to review Redoxon vitamin tablets and gummies I thought I would give it a try. We were sent a beautiful “winter pack”.

This ensured we were set for the weather including a months supply of Rexodon in both effervescent and gummie form. To enable both Erin, Matt and I to all have vitamins daily.

I have never normally been one to take vitamins daily. Erin only has them as we were advised by the health visitor to use them as an extra supplement.

In reality we should all take extra precautions to ensure we don’t get ill over Christmas .It was something I had never thought about before as a mum.

I rarely have time to think of things that don’t seem like a necessity at the time- I was wrong this is a necessity!!

Redoxon® Triple Action effervescent tablets, which contain high strength vitamin D to help support the immune system* and vitamin C which help you to feel energised and zinc to help maintain your skin. The vitamins also do an every day supplement that is perfect for use throughout the year including selenium, B12,B6,B9, zinc and vitamin C.

Erin took to taking Redoxon® perfectly! She ate them like a sweet! No problem with the taste! She loves them! The effervescent tablets are orange flavours and are quite pleasant! Matthew even said they were the best effervescent tablets he’s ever tasted!

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