A Scent Revolution with The Perfume Laboratory #AD

Being a mum of two spending extortionate amount on perfume and items for me is low in my list, yes I would love a Jo Malone candle and perfume but I just can’t afford it! I love different scents of perfume but for the last few years I have had just one scent that I wear every day because I just can’t justify several perfumes and I have been using the Aldi candles which smell nice but don’t last as long as more expensive candles. But I have found the perfect solution.

A new shop in Bridgnorth (a quaint town in Shropshire) has opened called The Perfume Laboratory. The shop is vegan friendly, environmentally friendly and makes the most amazing scents of perfumes and candles. They are all oil based so the scent lasts all day (and the next morning if you haven’t showered yet!!) and the candles are amazing- with wood wicks that crackle and being highly scented the smell fills the room and lasts ages!!!

Even better all of the perfumes and aftershaves are £30 and the candles are £15. They have 50 scents for both men and women that are perfect imitation of the high street perfumes down to rare perfumes sold in London! Mollie and Carrie kindly gifted me two perfumes and a candle I have so far tried two of the perfumes- No 9 and No 15- I adore them both! The smells are perfect and last ages! I don’t have to keep reapplying which is ideal as I don’t have time to go to the toilet let alone reapply perfume!!

The scent of the candle is amazing and lasts for ages! I love the fact that the candle is wood and the lovely ladies ensured I knew all the hints and tips by telling me to trim the wick of the candle before every use! This ensures you get the best out of your candle!

The other thing I love about The Perfume Laboratory is the bottles- they look stunning on your dressing table and they are perfect for the environmentally conscious as they are fully recyclable and they come in a paper bag to ensure the environment is cared for alongside looking stylish and perfect for a gift.

Mollie is the master scent technician and if you need advice you can book a one to one session free of charge to find your perfect scent or the the perfect gift! (men take note of this service before Christmas!!!) both Carrie and Mollie are friendly, welcoming and will be on hand to assist whenever you need them.

You can even grab yourself a gift voucher if you are not sure which one your loved one will fancy!

Even better you can buy over the phone if you don’t live near Bridgnorth- you can let them know your current perfume or one you like and the lovely ladies will give you the closest match! What a fab idea! I think they will be the perfect Christmas gifts this year and will make any lady or gent happy!

I definitely will always be buying from there from now on as I absolutely love the scents and think they will be perfect gifts too.

You can check out The Perfume Laboratory here.