Mr & Mrs- The gameshow turns to datenight! 

Date nights are unfortunately not that frequent in our house- not because the lack of wanting but Erin needing to be in bed at 6.30pm and not wanting to palm her out to babysitters.
We always try and come up with new ways to make ‘date night’ at home but unfortunately we end up making dinner watching a rubbish film on Sky and falling asleep.

When I was asked to review the ‘Mr & Mrs game from Rascals. The game is based on the hit TV show presented by Phillip Scofield which I am a huge fan of as well as being a fan of Phil too! The game itself has 330 questions designed to uncover things you didn’t know about your partner! The game is a pocket addition so you are able to take it away with you and play it on holiday or at home and it not take too much space up! The game is even more realistic with its very own paddle round where the player either has to stand or sit down in response to the question. The game can be played with 2 players up to 9 and is for ages 10+.

Matt & I decided to play on Saturday night- it was really easy to set up, easy to follow instructions and were in fits of giggles by the end of it! The questions were great and were really well thought out. They brought silences, giggles and rosy cheeks! It was great to use it as an alternative to date night and was really entertaining to play and can literally be played anywhere. The game is available in John Lewis or online for £9.99 and can also be purchased in the full size edition.