Essential uses for essential oils

Essential oils…something you stand an stare at in a shop but have no uses for in the home? I used to be the same!

Since finding Eden Semilla range of products I have wanted to use them more and more but never had the ideas of what to do with them- especially the essential oils. When I was asked if I would like to review them, I thought here is my chance! I set to work… on Pinterest!!!

Isn’t Pinterest fantastic?! Every single one I looked at had so many more uses than I ever imagined! This got me really excited. I ordered the oils from Amazon- there were options of sets and single bottles- I had two sets and 4 single bottles. They came delivered in a really handy box to keep them in- great because my partner goes mental about all the potions and lotions that are splattered around the house!! ?

Delving further into the uses of all my new fab essential oils my favourite uses were:

Sweet orange oil- which is great for spots and refreshing the skin and giving it a healthy glow- I mixed it with a bit of facecream and it worked a treat!

Eucalyptus oil- Erin’s always snotty or has a cough from school and this is a great alternative to Vicks and olbas oil and really works!

Sandlewood oil- As a bad back sufferer I’m always begging Matt for massages- not that he agrees most of the time!!! I normally just use baby oil but I found that sandlewood oil has anti inflammatory properties and really eased my back! (And I got a massage – for blogging purposes only obviously!)

Lavender oil- this is one i new about but It’s an age old favourite of mine! Sleep inducing! This has always worked for me and I have started sprinkling some on Erins pillow!! 🙂

The quality of the essential oils was great and made them easy to use with the nozzle that allows it only to drip. They are not too expensive and smell divine! Highly recommended!

You can buy them at: