Happy Halloween with LalaLoopsy!

Unfortunately, I have been quite poorly over the last few weeks and ended up in hospital. Thankfully I am now on the mend, but it has meant that Erin’s Halloween hasn’t been as fun as it normally would be.

We managed to go to pick pumpkins earlier in October and she will be heading out Trick or Treating with Matt tonight. I wanted to do something with Erin that was for Halloween that wasn’t going to affect how I felt. Matt came in handy as he popped all the things I needed on the lounge floor- I wouldn’t normally cook in the lounge but needs must.

We have been lucky enough to be sent the new LalaLoopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll. Erin’s face when she saw the doll was a picture, she loves a doll and the fact that she can stand up, take her clothes on and off and shoes on, was a big winner for Erin.

We love cooking as a family and when we received Crumbs sugar cookie we also had a new chefs hat, apron and glove and a packet of Halloween themed shortbreads. All we needed to do was add butter- what can go wrong I hear you ask! (A lot but I will get to that!!)

LalaLoopsy helped us cook and was on hand for all the run things like rolling out the mixture and stirring. Erin spoke to LalaLoopsy throughout the whole thing and told me that she helped her cook- which was very cute!

The doll is a perfect size and isn’t huge, she comes with removable clothes and boots and has a hairbrush and mouse as her accessories. With her bright pink hair she is very loveable and has very quickly become one of Erin’s favourite dolls. She even eats dinner with her every night. You can buy your own LalaLoopsy doll from Argos for £24.99. Which I don’t think is a bad price for a large doll.

There are several LalaLoopsy’s in the range and there are also videos you can watch of them.

All in all Erin gave the doll 8/10 and said she wanted the others in the range. It’s a shame I burnt the shortbread as it needed 3 more minutes that ended up at 8 more as the phone rang!! But Erin enjoyed them and ate them all over the last couple of days!