Learning is Fun!

When your little on starts school you start the realise how much work goes into their education. I am a firm believer in ensuring as much work is done at home as at school- but not necessarily in the forms of work or reading as I also feel learning should be fun.

We have been lucky enough to be sent the math’s puzzle. The game is space themed and aimed at children 4 to 6 years old. The price of the game is $49 and they ship worldwide.

The aim of the puzzle is to teach little ones to be able to count from 1 to 10. The puzzle helps kids to think about their math’s sums and consists of 138 pieces.

When Erin saw the puzzle she was really excited to open it and play as she doesn’t understand that she would be learning at the same time as playing. We were able to use the puzzle to help us understand the math within and also assist us in learning shapes as puzzles are a great way to challenge hand- eye coordination.

The pieces are made from durable material and will last well so you could use the puzzle for not only one child but also hand it down through the generations- many large puzzles we have brought have been flimsy and not weathered the mighty hands of a child- they can ruin most things!!

Erin was engaged the whole time we were playing the game as was able to show me what numbers were what and where the piece went in the puzzle. The difficulty of the puzzle is not too challenging and most kids would be able to complete it. The one negative about the product is the shipping cost of $8.90 if you are outside of the USA, but it’s a good investment if you have more than one child so worth the extra costing as it’s definitely made of high quality material. Other than that the product is great for learning and play- great to do as a family on a rainy day especially now we are in wet weather season!