IPhone 8 Plus Versus IPhone 7s

I have always been a lover of apple technology. Having had an Apple phone since the first Iphone 3 came out I have tried to keep up with the ever changing trends.

Granted I don’t know everything about what my iPhone can do because I never bother to go into that much depth. But when it comes to upgrading my phone I want to know that I have made the right decision. After all they are a lot of money nowadays!

My choice was to upgrade in September to a IPhone 7 or wait until October when the 8 came out. As usual I was impatient and my phone stopped charging. Erin had dropped it so many times it looked like a broken ice rink. So I went with a normal IPhone 7, I liked it. The only problem for me was there was nothing overly distinguishing between that and my previous 6S.

When I was asked if I would like to review the IPhone 8 as a comparison I jumped at the chance. Opting for a plus model was something I wanted to do to see how I would cope with one.

My first impressions of the 8 was that it has a new shiny back instead of the back that can easily get scratched- amazing. The size of the phone was also good. You can still hold it in your hand but it’s not tiny.

The day I had the phone all the new swishy updates came out so it gave me lots to play with. Apart from the look of the phone and the two cameras on the back (I will get to those later) I couldn’t see a huge difference.

After playing with both phones for a couple of days the big difference that I had noticed was the quality in pictures. The pictures taken by the 8 were so amazing that they would potentially give your DSLR Camera a run for its money! There are so many options with cinematic lighting and editing before you have even taken the picture too. There are two cameras on the back of the phone and a flash. They apparently work in harmony to create the perfect picture. This is a huge selling point for me.

The IPhone 7 is basically the adult of the old iPhone world and the baby of the new IPhone world. Since the 8 it’s good but can’t do all the fancy things! The IPhone X I have seen has literally got all the bells and whistles and no button!! What more could you want.

My conclusion is that for the price increase if you are a keen photographer then go for the 8. If you want standard quality photos and wouldn’t be messing around with your phone too much stick with the 7.

The sizing between the both has me confused. I love the plus and the normal, the only thing I can say is a benefit to the plus is watching videos on a larger scale and finding it in your handbag!! Other than that I don’t think it’s worth the extra money a month unless your a gamer.

All in all I would give the 8 -8/10 for the shiny not scratch backing and camera

And the 7- a 7/10 for just being slightly behind!

Thank you to Three for lending me the phone! Get yourselves there if you want one yourself.

Are you getting a new phone? I have compared the IPhone 7 with the iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8, who will win?