Got a question? we ask Erin in ‘The Little one tag’

I have asked Erin a question set from ‘The little one tag’ I was tagged by Chilling With Lucas, Thank you Jenni. Erin’s very honest an open answers to the questions are below;

Here is the question set;

What is the best thing about being 4?

I can play whenever I want and eat sweetie’s!

 What makes you laugh?

When mummy and Matty do funny things and Matty does funny voices.

Who do you love and Why?

I love all my family….even Maisie, Nanna, Di Di, Billy, Daddy, Matty oh and you mummy! I love them because they are nice.

Whats your favourite book?

Dear Zoo and the Christmasaurus

Favourite Food?

Sweeties, cake and sausages!!

Favourite Song?

Oops by Little Mix

Favourite Outfit?

Princess dresses and a tutu!

Favourite Tv Programme?

I like….Horrig Hengry (Horrid Henry!)

Favourite Toy?

Palace Pets and Palace pets castle!

Favourite thing to do?

Play with Matty!

I now tag;

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