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The Secret’s out… Cottage Pie Secret Recipe!

For years I have always loved my auntie Di’s cottage pie! There was always something different about it. Now as a mum myself I wanted to be able to make the great cottage pie for my family and I. It was tough but I finally got the recipe out of her!

I make the base of the pie in the slow cooker but you can also make it on the pan on the hob, but low and slow is the key and you just put everything in together. There are no exact timings for the pie but until its cooked. I leave it in the slow cooker on low all day from around 8.30am until 6/7pm. When I get home I portion the pie into ovenproof bowls and top with mashed potato and oven until golden brown.


The ingredients are;

· Minced Beef

· 2 Leeks

· 2 Onions

· A splash of Worcestershire sauce

· Salt and pepper to taste

· Tablespoon of white wine vinegar

· Dessert Spoon of Ketchup

· 4 Chopped Carrots

· 4 Chopped Parsnip

· A Sprinkle of nutmeg around the pan

· 1 Oxo Cube in water

· A Spoon of Bovril

· Teaspoon of Sugar

· Dessert Spoon of tomato Puree

· I sometimes pop other veg in if it needs using up

Happy cooking!