Fuzzikins Crafts Cozy Cats Review

Erin has been banging on about having a cat for ages. Matthew (miserable git) claims he is allergic to cats! Suspicious!!! So when Fuzzikins Craft Cozy Cats landed on our doorstep Erin was so excited! She finally got a cat!! (Note we didn’t tell her she was having a real one!!).

Having not heard of Fuzzikins crafts before I decided to have a little look at their other products and wow what a range they have! Such fab products for all ages. Check out to see the selection.

When we were about to start playing Erin could not wait to get her hands on the box! She just wanted to get it all out and play! The box contained 3 cats- small, medium and large. Felt Tips. Beds for each of them, some stickers and a superhero cape and masks.

Erin could not wait to colour the Cats in. She used all three colours- orange, brown and grey to colour the Cats. My OCD went wild- her colouring in the Cats was not neat and I just wanted to do it for her!! I let her do her own thing and she was so pleased with the result.

Next we made the beds- you need an adult for this. They are a little tricky but once they are done there isn’t an issue. We also got all of the Cats little outfits out and stuck the decorations onto the beds- they come with a great selection so you have a great choice of what you want on them.

Erin put all her Cats into bed and donned their sleepmask. Ready for a Purrrfect night sleep (sorry it had to be done!!) . She was so pleased with her efforts that she ousted all of her dolls out of their house and played for hours with the Cats! Even the baby cat saved the other cats by donning his super hero mask and cape! She absolutely loved it! A fab interactive game that doesn’t just have a Craft element but also a toy too.