Kim Kardashian Robbery… who’s to blame?

Recently I have got back into Keeping up with the kardashians. They are a love them or hate them family. I really like them and love the trashy tv element.

Matt and I were watching it on Sunday, the episode was revolved around the robbery in Paris. At this point Matt said “it’s her own fault she shouldn’t put every thing on social media”. Matt is a huge security conscious person and hates social media. (Apparently without me he would just delete it).

This got me thinking and ended up in a bit of a discussion. All I could think is… it’s her job. She’s doing her job. Her job is to be famous and keep everyone up to date with what she’s doing and mostly had to upload photos for publicising the item. Much like bloggers. So where is a happy medium. At the end of the day surely there were still robberies before social media? People were just followed about instead.

Do I not understand as I have never had it happen to me? I think Kim took it really wel and has made changes to her lifestyle in the wake of the incident. But how was she to know before. She is securitied up to her eyeballs. She didn’t know that putting her beautiful ring on Instagram would open her up to being held at gun point?!

I don’t know where I sit with this discussion as in one hand I think social media is great, but obviously has its downfalls. But as with everything do you stop going outside -for fear of being hit by a car!!

What do you think of it all, was she doing the right thing? Is it just her job? When is social media too much?

I can imagine this will probably open up the floor to a barrage of abuse but I’m just intrigued to know people’s reactions and what they think. I think “keeping up with the kardasians” episode has told their story in the way they wanted it told and has put a lot of the media controversy to bed.