Go Ahead and grab a treat! #goahead #onthego

Being a mum tends to mean you get a pretty rough deal when it comes to eating! Leftovers off your child’s plate, most things are cold, and your children always tend to want the best item on your plate- save the meltdown you give in!

I am currently trying to eat better and not ram so many sweets and crisps in my mouth because they are handy. Instead I needed to find something that was perfect for being on the go and healthy.

When go ahead contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing their new low calorie range I jumped at the chance. When the package came I was so excited- how could things that looks so tasty be good for you?! As usual missy got her mitts on the items and was excited too! I was happy to give her the items to eat as well as they are healthier options than crisps and chocolate.

We were first able to try our new goodies on a trip to Attingham park, I was able to grab myself a yoghurt bar and Erin had a packed of the cookies in her lunch box. What was great is I normally spend a small fortune on buying something for me from the cafe at places like this and it is never healthy!! In fact most of the time I am ramming cake or cookies into my mouth!!! This made the on the go snacks perfect!

The whole range is really tasty and there is nothing that I have tried and didn’t like! There are even items that feel really naughty (the chocolate and orange cookies) and they aren’t too bad and your able to Syn them on slimming world! What more could I ask for!

You are able to buy go ahead products from most supermarkets and they are not expensive at all.

Erin will show you how fab all the treats are in her little unboxing review below! enjoy!