Little Lady Fit for Sport!

Fit for Sport were the answers to all of my prayers they are doing a sports based holiday club at over 100 sites across the UK doing healthy physical activity based sessions for children aged 4 and up. The activities can include swimming, team sports, games- anything to get there exercise juices flowing!

All Fit for Sport staff members are trained, DBS-checked. They are full of enthusiasm to deliver fun and inclusive activities, to keep children entertained all day. A Standard Day runs from 9.30am-4.30pm, an extended day is 8.30am-5.30pm and a half day is 9.30am-1.00pm or 1pm-4.30pm (4 year olds are only allowed to do half days). The courses run Monday 4th July-Friday 2nd September and are able to be paid for with childcare vouchers.  You can also get several discounts such as;

  • 5% online booking discount
  • 20% group discount when booking a minimum of four children
  • 25% sibling discount on the second child when booking for a complete 5 day week
  • 15% corporate discount available (T&C’s apply)

You are advised to take the following items;

  1. a healthy nut free packed lunch
  2. two healthy snacks
  3. a water bottle that is refillable at the venue.
  4. a swimming kit towel and swimming aids if required
  5. All Children need Comfortable and suitable footwear for activities

The children should wear weather appropriate clothing including sun hats and sun tan lotion- not forgetting an extra layer on colder days.

All items also need to be labelled so they are given back to their rightful owner at the end of the day. Erin was so excited to go and very warmly welcomed. She had an amazing day and enjoyed doing all of the activities! The drop off and collection transition was easy and I left confident that she would be looked after well. I would definitely use Fit for Sport again as the costing is reasonable and it was something different for Erin to be involved in.

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