Celebrate your Feet with National Feet week! #AD

Do you ever look at your feet and think… Urghh! I certainly do! I don’t look after my feet I’m the first to admit it. Especially in the winter- I rarely wear socks and I walk outside with bare feet which is a cardinal sin!! The base of my feet are all cracked and dry and I wish they looked better. The problem is that I never really knew what to do with my feet!

It turns out that podiatrists should be my friend! I had no idea that actually you should be going to podiatrists for small things such as taking the gross hard skin off your feet I genuinely thought you only went to them for foot problems or Ingrowing toenails! Turns out I was wrong! After finding this out I will certainly be booking an appointment to get my trotters fixed!

In the mean time I have been very lucky to celebrate “national feet week” I hear you I didn’t know it was a thing either but it’s a week for celebrating your feet and finally caring for them! Also perfect timing just for spring when your sandals appear! I have been send some amazing products by some fabulous brands to ensure I am flip flop ready this summer!

As you can see there’s lotions and potions for everything and even to keep my feet on top condition when running and with shoes on! Some of my favourites out of these are Footner exfoliating socks which are amazing and make all the dead skin peel off your feet! I won’t show you a disgusting picture of that as you may be eating!!!

Another one my favourites is the Palmers Foot Magic Cream which is great because Edith loves to play “foot spas” and put cream on mummy’s feet so I am able to enjoy a moment of relaxation whilst she thinks she’s getting her own way and using mummy’s special cream!!!

Lastly one of the other things I have been using this week is the Lyonsleaf Candula and marshmallow balm which is perfect for dry skin anywhere including lips! I have been popping it on before bed and as you can see it’s helping!

As of this moment I am definitely going to care for my feet more! And make sure I am seeing the right people and able to have feet to be proud of on the beach! I can’t wait to try all my new products as I think they will be fab too!