Want to know all about me? Check out the Sunshine blogger quiz! 

 Firstly an apology to the lovely Alice at Living with a Jude as I have been very naughty and only just written this quiz after she tagged me in it (possibly last year!!!!) whoops!  Anyway I have now done it. Better late than never hey! check out my responses to the bloggers Sunshine quiz!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger the amount of people who used to ask me and my cousin (who was far more intelligent than me!) what we wanted to be was unreal. She used to answer ‘ a forensic scientist’ and I was desperate to be a ‘waitress on roller skates’ I mean where did I even get this idea from?! Is it even a real job? You can tell I am the more dense one out of us.

 How did you meet your partner?

I met Matthew when I was 15 and he was my first boyfriend. We went our separate ways when he went to University. I then got married and 5 years later got divorced. A year later I saw Matthew again and the rest is history!

What were you afraid of as a child?

Frogs and I still am they are petrifying!!!

What is your favourite meal?

My favourite meal is a roast dinner. Literally any meat but I love a roast dinner. They are so delicious. Crispy potatoes, juicy meat, lots of gravy and Yorkshire puddings! I suppose if I have to I will eat the veg! ha!

 When making a cup of tea do you put the tea or the milk in first?
I don’t drink tea but when I make it for others the tea goes in first!

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date is in London, a show, dinner and cocktails! I love shows of any sort, always need a bit of good food on a date and finish it with some lovely cocktails!

Do you read the book or watch the film first?

Watch the film every time! You already have read how dense I am!!

What’s your favourite childhood memory? 

Playing on the beach with my mum, auntie, nan and grandad in Spain. I think about that holiday a lot especially now my nan and grandad are no longer with us.

What would your super power be?

Being able to stop time!!! I need this in everyday life all the time!!

What has been your best ever holiday?

My last holiday to Disney world! It was amazing and I got engaged! What more could you ask for!




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