Foreign Languages for Kids ® Spanish Review

We have lift off! We have started our Foreign Languages for Kids ® course! We have received our flash cards, teaching guide and our log on details- they all come in a great reusable bag to keep them in.

I explained to Erin that she would be able to talk like Dora the explorer and understand things she says which got her super excited! I had a look through the teacher’s guide and wanted to prepare Erin in a comfortable time when she isn’t tired or irritable as she has the attention span of a Gnat! Most of the time!  If you guys want to be involved in teaching your kids Spanish you can join the course at www.foreignlanguagesforkids.comor follow them on Facebook at  or Pinterest at
The Course is set up in sections, where by you are able to read a section of the Teachers guide and watch the correlating programme on the laptop- ‘ Basketballs aren’t for breakfast’. The programmes are spoken in complete Spanish so the first couple of times I kept stopping the programme and discussing with Erin to ensure she understood the content and was able to say a few of the words. Luckily in the teacher’s guide it shows you the words to focus on and what they mean in English, so this was a great help to show Erin what she should be learning and she was really pleased when she was able to say breakfast in Spanish.  We picked 4 of the words to focus on as I wasn’t sure how easily she would pick up the words and be able to remember the meanings as well as being able to say them. 

I found that Erin was able to repeat the words really well and was excited to be doing so, but wasn’t able to tell me what they meant, I am hoping that continuation of using these four words daily and using the reminder stickers would really help us by sticking them around her playroom to remind us to use Spanish in our day to day activities.

The next thing we did to try and help us to remember the words we had learnt was to use the flashcards to show Erin a picture of the word she was saying, she was able to see that the picture was breakfast and use the association, which I was pleased about.  The flashcards also made this into a game for Erin, which was really helpful and made learning fun for her as well as helping the information stick in. I was concerned that because she is only 3 she would get bored easily and wouldn’t be able to stick it out and hold her interest but she definitely did but I will be continuing to do the course in smaller doses than suggested so she can take everything on board and understand rather than overloading her with information.

We have had a successful start so far as we have learnt our first four words which include breakfast, hello, mummy and big and we are enjoying every minute!  We can’t wait to continue! We will update you more on learning process next month where we will move onto the next part as well as bringing in some more words from part one! Watch this space!