29 years old – Jigsaw over a night out!

I am nearly 30. It would appear in my old age I rather do a jigsaw in front of the fire than go out.

There’s nothing better than snuggling in front of the fire- let’s face it the heating hasn’t been turned off yet!! Matt and I have become a little bit slack on the going out thing and at the moment would rather stay in and do a Jigsaw.

We have recently been doing the Ravensburger- Happy Days at work- The Hairdresser. It so nice just to sit together and talk whilst doing a jigsaw puzzle. It’s so much better than sitting on our phones and laptops or glaring at the television.

I love doing jigsaws not only do they help me relax and are great for anxiety but it means spending quality time with matt.

The Ravensburger puzzle is great as it’s 500 piece so doesn’t take an age to complete and is a great price at £8.99 from Amazon which is fantastic. I love exchanging Jigsaws with other family members too which makes them worth every penny.

So all in all Matt and I are becoming boring in our old age and would much rather spend some time doing jigsaws than painting the town red on a weekend!

What’s your preference?