Great Women Who Changed the World!

When I found out I was having a girl I knew the kind of girl

I want to raise. Strong, independent, polite and clever. (Obviously, If the strong independent thing has blossomed once she’s left home that would have made my life easier.)

Erin knows her mind, as well as all the above she’s also stubborn. She knows what she wants to do and when. So many times I have been told: “she’s got a lot of character”. When she was being a monkey I used to think yep!!!! Your right! But now I love the fact she’s got such an amazing character. She’s hilarious, tells you what she thinks with the only honesty a kid has and I’m very proud of who she has become.

I want to ensure she keeps those traits as when I was a kid I was quite shy and wouldn’t do half of the stuff Erin does. If she has an idea or a dream she needs to follow it.

Recently we have been sent a book called ‘Great women who changed the world’ in it explains who a lot of amazing women, who have literally changed the world with their actions over the years.

The book includes people such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Anne Frank, CoCo Chanel and many others.

At first, i was dubious about Erin being interested in the book as I assumed it would be “fact heavy”. When I gave it her she was instantly interested. As she flicked through the pages her eyes lit up. She asked me to read it that night.

We read the first 5 pages and she was hooked, she followed the pictures as they told the facts about these amazing women. The book is written by Kate Pankhurst. It gives children all the facts whilst being engaging and fun.

Erin was able to tell me what the first 5 lady’s were famous for that evening. It managed to teach her history as well as confirming that she can achieve anything.

It’s a fab book for little girls who believe in themselves but need that extra push. Since the first night we read this she can’t put it down! I’m asked to read it every night and we love it!

You can buy it from Boolino.