Athur Price Despicable Me Plates & Cutlery Review

Do your kids eat like it's their last meal and can't ram anymore into their mouths with mucky little fingers??

Nope? Just mine then? Erin is a notorious finger eater. If I have to remind her to pick up her knife and fork once during a meal I have to do it 1000 times. As you can imagine this gets tiring, especially as she eats 3 times a day.

My plan of action was to find a snazzy plate set that kept her attention for long enough that she would actually want to use her knife and fork. The lovely people at Arthur price managed to solve this problem for me. I was sent a lovely set of Minion's- mug plate and bowl and some lovely matching cutlery.

The mug, plate and bowl set is bone china and are priced at £8.95. All of the items are available separately too, which is perfect if you need spares.

The cutlery comes in two sets either Sea of Minions and expressions collection. They retail at £24.95 for the whole set. The cutlery is made of 18/10 finest stainless steel and have a 15-year guarantee which is amazing. Especially with Miss Clumsy in our house!! We were sent the Sea of Minions set and I love it. It has really cute pictures of minions with comical captions on the bottom.  All of the items we have reviewed today are available at

Erin's smile said it all when she saw these items and started exclaiming 'BANANA' very loudly!! The next thing she was desperate for was food! thankfully we were going to Matt's mums for roast dinner, so I took the set with me so she could use it.  The handles of the cutlery were great and even made me chuckle. They fit her hands perfectly and weren't too small which is often the issue with kid's cutlery. They also feel solid and not like they are going to break at a moments notice, which I really like.

The set itself is perfectly sized. Enough for Erin and room for her to 'grow' into with having bigger meals. The mug is great too and doesn't hold too much drink which is normally the issue as Erin likes to have too much in her cup and never finishes it. All in all the set is perfect for Erin and will definitely grow with her in the next few years.