Getting married in Disney! Simple as 1,2,3!

If you have followed me for a while you will know that in May we went to Disneyworld on holiday and whilst we were there we got married.

We literally decided to get married 8 weeks before we left, which I thought would be really stressful but one night we called “Disney’s wedding planners” and asked what dates they had available- they had tues 28th. Ideal!

That night we went to see our parents and asked permission (not that we needed permission but we didn’t want them to be upset if they didn’t know- but we didn’t want anyone else to know. We wanted it hassle free just the 4 of us. They agreed and were happy for us.

If I am honest if you would have asked me when we got engaged if I would get married I would have said no. I hated the idea- but I can honestly say I loved every minute and it was definitely the right choice.

That night we emailed confirmation to the Disney Planners and they confirmed they would allocate us a planner- I filled out a survey (2 mins) to ensure we were allocated with someone that would be perfect for us.

A week later Elise got in touch with us and was our wedding planner- she sent us a guide of Disney approved vendors for outside items such as hair, make up, outfits and everything else was done for us on a tick sheet! Yep a tick sheet!!!!

The sheet was so simple and asked what kind of flowers I wanted, music, ceremony – the works it was so easy!!! A tick in the box!

We got instructions and telephone numbers and it was then a case of go on holiday and enjoy!

Everything ran so smoothly and when we got to the wedding venue we met Elise and she ran through everything 5 minutes before we walked down the isle! Everything was done!!!!

The only things I had to source externally were hair and make up, videography and officiant. The rest was sorted!!

Our photographer was through Disney and she was amazing!!!! We loved her and she was found through the “survey” of things we wanted from our pics! The whole process is amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Would you or have you got married abroad? Was it as easy as Disney is to get married or did you have to find everything externally? Let me know in the comments below!