Postsnap- Never forget a stamp again! 

Do you hate it when you remember that its a loved ones birthday and you need to buy a meaningful card and post it but getting to the shop and then to buy stamps and post it seem impossible?! If this is an issue for you too- I have a solution!!

Postsnap is the Genius new free app that is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and enables you to personalise and send cards and invitations with the click of a button. The Range includes greeting cards, postcards, announcement cards and invitations which all have the opportunity to put a picture of your choice onto and design yourself.

The app itself is really simple to use and takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. You can change the layout, effects. borders, text and picture. You can also add more than one picture in a collage format. The prices range from 67 pence to £3.49 and these all include postage.You are also able to log addresses into the App which makes future purchases easy!

My favourite part of this app is that you can write your own signature into a box and it puts it into your card so it is even more personalised this is especially great when your child wants to showcase their writing talents! The alternative to this is you can have the card sent to your home address to personalise yourself so its a win win situation! i love this app and it has made sending Erin’s teachers their cards so much simpler and more of a keepsake for them! I can even set reminders for birthdays and events so i will never forget another event and have to worry about finding a stamp and posting a card…ever again!