Does everything happen in life for a reason?

When things happen in life and there is no rhyme or reasoning behind it, it makes you wonder. Are we just a giant ant farm or game with people controlling us?

Everything happens for a reason is all I ever hear people say nowadays- including myself, is this because we are trying to make ourselves feel better about the bad that is happening around us? And why do we only say this when bad things happen?

All of the recent events in the media including Brexit and unsightly wars, terrorism and the way things have generally changed since I was little let alone since our parents were young scares me.  I question why I brought a child into this world to live in such a scary place but then again if I thought like this would I ever leave the house for fear of being hit by a bus!?

Does everything happen for a reason- when I hear of disastrous things I think well what on earth the reason can be for that! But I suppose we never find out peoples rhyme or reasoning behind things.  When I was little I was convinced the world was a massive game of the Sims and bratty kids made things happen to us and they were supposed to be ‘God’- you never know I could be right and it’s a record breaking game!!

If only there was an explanation for everything that was clear and that would make you feel ten times better about the way you lived your life, unfortunately there is no such thing and we continue to live in a world that is beyond our control, what do you think the bigger picture is? Is there rhyme or reasoning behind the things that happen?    Comment below and let me know your thoughts!