Jump in to Fun! #AD

We have been trying to find Covid safe things to do recently and struggling to find something I am comfortable with. We were invited to Jump In Shrewsbury (check out where your local Jump in is here.) in exchange for an honest review- I checked out the Covid restrictions and was happy with what I found so thought we would give it a go.

My first impressions were great- a clear one way system on arrival and doors wide open for air flow. We arrived and were happy with what we found, very clean, everyone wearing masks and set tables with in app service. You are issued with grip socks for all the family when you arrive and I’m really pleased they even catered for Edith’s tiny feet!

My girls both adore using the trampoline and really enjoy jumping and letting off steam. Jump In catered for this really well as they have allow toddlers to jump or go into the soft play area.

There are so many fun things to do for the kids as they can jump, play dodge ball, have a go at the jump wall, attempt to climb up the ladder or balance beam and so much more. There is fun for all the family.

Whilst we were there the kids started to get hungry for a snack and a drink- obviously it is customary to get a slushy whilst out so Erin had one of these. We used the app by scanning the QR code on our table and ordered. The food came quickly and we really enjoyed our little break on the sofas.

Erin and Matt went off to bounce whilst Edith and I checked out the soft play. Everywhere was really clean. Whilst on the trampolines we wore masks- although I’m not sure this was a requirement but we did to be extra safe. There was also someone on the sides of the trampoline to ensure the safety of everyone.

One thing I liked when I checked out the website was the variety of different sessions that you could attend- SEN, toddler, off peak, peak.. the list goes on. It was perfect. Not to busy when we attended as we attended the SEN session for Erin as she has mild autism and ADHD – which was great as the sensory experience was toned down.

As a family we really enjoyed ourselves and hadn’t felt like it broke the bank for a family of four which so many places do nowadays.