We are having baby number 2!

So if you follow my page or my Instagram you will know we are expecting baby number 2!! Baby 2 is a long time in the making as we had 3 rounds of IVF. As some will say it has been third time lucky.

Without going into loads of detail, we had full IVF in October which resulted in Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and I was admitted to hospital for 5 days, we had a whopping amount of eggs taken out 52 to be precise so I was known as ‘The lady with all the eggs!’. If you don’t know what OHSS is check out my post here.

We then had IVF by frozen embryo transfer in January which failed, but we were third time lucky with our frozen embryo transfer in April. I will write a more detailed post about the frozen transfer soon.

Anyway, it’s been an eventful first 10 weeks of pregnancy. I have ended up having a scan every two weeks since 6 weeks pregnant. The first time was due to a small bleed- we had two embryos transferred and one of them didn’t make it so the other sac was coming away but all turned out fine and we got to see babies heartbeat.

Next scan was a reassurance scan at 8 weeks to ensure all was ok and the second sac was a lot smaller. This was great for putting our minds at rest and the staff were lovely.

At around 7 weeks I had to ditch all of my ‘normal’ clothes!! Yes, I can hear you screaming at 7 weeks?! not a chance did you need to get into maternity clothes but here is picture proof!

My bump has flourished even earlier than it did with Erin and with Erin I had a bump pretty quickly. Maternity clothes are great and I am enjoying being back in maternity clothes though and my cousin has been amazing and lent me hers which saves so much money.

Comfortable shoes are also now my thing. I have also ditched uncomfortable shoes. Being comfortable in all areas is important as we walk to school every day and the weather has been pretty warm recently, so comfort has been ideal.

I was lucky enough to win a pair of Hotter Shoes at Blog On in May and they came in perfect time for our little weekend break in Devon. I chose the Resort Sandals in rose gold. They are so comfortable it’s untrue and will be fantastic as the pregnancy progresses.

The shoes come in 5 different colours and are made of leather. They have a cushioned cork base and rubber sole which is fab as I am clumsy as it is let alone when pregnant!! I also love the fact they have an adjustable buckle. Which in pregnancy is ideal as my feet become hot and swollen so during the summer I will be able to always rely on my Hotter Shoe’s sandals.

Finally, I am currently at 10 weeks pregnant and have had another scan today after a little scare on Tuesday when I passed out at a routine hospital appointment when they tried to take blood out of my ear! (yes I thought ear was odd too but apparently, there are capillaries in your ear!!) anyway, all was ok and seeing bubs today was amazing as we watched it flip around and move and it finally looks like a little baby!!

Apart from that everything has been pretty normal. Some mild sickness and a lot of tiredness, but I can’t wait to see what the rest of the pregnancy brings.  I don’t think I will update weekly just when things that are interesting for you to read.

Thank you for all the support and if you want to follow our journey subscribe to my Youtube channel as there will be lots of content there or like my facebook page for all my updates.