And that’s that… Maternity leave here we come!

It’s 6.30am… I am awake. This is unheard of but I had a terrible nights sleep and my heart keeps fluttering with excitement.

Today is my last day at work and my baby-shower. I’m not going to lie I’m excited about both! I have so many things I want to do before our baby girl arrives that it can’t come soon enough.

(My last time of mat leave was the day erin was born!!!)

For the last month or so in the darkness of 2am-5am I lie awake planning what I will do with my days. I literally think about what I can deep clean and how many things I can get on top of so I feel a bit more organised.

I went through a patch of feeling really organised until yesterday when I saw a sign in Asda saying “40 sleeps until Christmas” Shhhiiiittttt!!!!! That’s not long…. break that down into two lots of twenty! Seems even less now doesn’t it!!!!

So I’m hoping my usual organised self gets her bum into gear and cracks on with all the things I have planned.

It will be weird not going to work every day for a while, although if I can sneak some sleep in whilst Erin’s at school i will be eternally grateful.

I suppose I ought to get up and get ready! Big day and night today! Enjoy your weekends!

Are you up to anything fun?