Be Prepared or prepare to fail!

I am a lover of being organised, I think organisation is the key to mum life and I thought I was pretty organised with this baby and it happening around Christmas.

I have been so prepped with all Christmas presents and have even written my cards and wrapped my presents! All be it I have a last few to buy but nothing major!

Last week I was walking through London and it hit me… it’s been 7 years since I was last pregnant. I was questioning what was happening as I felt what felt like her head dropping as I walked and what I have seen people calling “Fanny daggers ?”. Did this just not happen before or have I forgotten??

I thought my pregnancy had felt very similar to last time but it would appear I could have just forgotten elements from last time. Does this mean I have forgotten what birth was like?

In my head I didn’t think I had forgotten but maybe I have and the possibility it was a lot worse than i am remembering scares me!

Panic is setting in! Perhaps I have forgotten what having a new born is like!

I am so prepared for every other element of this pregnancy, my bags packed, her room is done, I have everything I need. So why the panic. I’m praying and hoping everything will flood back and the fact I don’t remember the stuff about pregnancy is because it never happened!

Have you had babies far apart and are struggling to remember? Did it all come flooding back?!