We WILL have a baby this week!!!

41 Weeks today… who would have thought it. I for one never thought I would have got to this point in my pregnancy. In fact by now I assumed I would have at least a one week old!!

I am possibly the most impatient person ever and I have being late for anything so when I don’t feel organised it makes me feel uneasy. Today I have a midwife appointment where unfortunately she will let me know the fateful date of induction.

Not what I wanted but needs must now! Little monkey isn’t moving for toffee. I have been ok with the whole situation and I have done all of the tried and tested techniques- May I add none of which have worked.

Friday I was teary and fed up but I soon pulled on my positive pants when Erin returned and cheered me up.

Tomorrow they will give me my 5th sweep! Yep i hear you 5th!!! At my last sweep the midwife told me in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t end up being induced! She was wrong wasn’t she!!

I have found though that in the last few days of pregnancy every man and his dog… rings and texts asking if you have had any signs! Nope no signs! Even the lady in our local Coop said ooo still here then! She had no idea when I was due HA!! I know how excited everyone is so it’s lovely really, but Matt and I have joked we will change the answerphone to answer everyone’s questions.

So who knows what day this little monkey will arrive but will know it will be by the end of this week if induction is successful! Send positive vibes for us!