Relax, unwind, focus- whilst keeping flexible with Pregnancy Yoga

Getting pregnant 6 years ago was a blessing, I had tried so hard to get pregnant and after years of fertility treatment, I breezed through pregnancy. No aches no pains, I ate what I wanted and was pretty care free.

Looking back now I shouldn’t have been as ‘care free’ as I was when it came to food. When I was pregnant with Erin it got to the point I would eat takeaway as many times as I want and put on a lot of weight. So much weight I even split a pair of wellies and managed to get stretch marks on my calves. Yep! That wasn’t a joke.

This time I needed it to be different, firstly the weight as been an arse to shift and secondly it’s not good for me or baby. I have watched what I have eaten more carefully (not OTT healthy, just not ridiculous portions) and I wanted to start a form of exercise.

That’s where pregnancy yoga came in. I had recommendations from my cousin and enquired to the lovely Rebecca at spiritual Warrior Yoga near my house.

I was able to start the course at 15 weeks and I added myself to the waiting list. The classes are on a Monday at 8pm-9pm so ideal if you have additional children to put to bed. I was apprehensive at first and thought it may be really flouncy as I had been to yoga before that was…let’s face it a bit odd!

I attended my taster session which was free at week 15. Rebecca is completely down to earth, lovely and friendly. This really put my mind at ease. I was instructed to bring my own mat, pillow and drink (I now also take a blanket as it gets colder in winter).

The class flew by and Rebecca gave us really helpful tips and hints for labour, birth and any ailments we currently had. The setting is lovely, there are oil burners, dimmed lighting, fairy lights. Everything to give you an hour of peace and shut everything out at the door.

So far at 32 weeks I am still going strong with yoga and really think it will be beneficial in birth. My top things that’s I have taken from Yoga so far that I find the most helpful are;

  • A way to stop cramp- my legs cramp up terribly but doing a move that stretches your feet and toes out definitely reduces the amount I get cramp.
  • Yoga breath- pregnancy yoga breath is different- you breathe in from your nose and a long slow breath out of your mouth. I will be using this in labour as it’s so relaxing.
  • The cow pose- this is my favourites when bubs gets into an awkward position or my pelvis and back ache as it completely takes the pressure off. It also gives your baby room and your organs a chance to not be so squashed.
  • The circulation booster- gently tapping your legs, bum and thighs with different hand movements is fab to ensure your circulation is working well, I find it relaxing too.
  • The standing cow pose- (I think that’s what it’s called! Babybrain!) where you can stand lean against a wall or a partner and straighten your back and rock backwards and forward. This has been amazing when I have had lower back pain and I will be using this in labour.

There are so many more Amazing poses that I love and have really helped but I would be here forever!

The final part of class is a ten minute relaxation. You can get yourself into a comfy position- lying or sitting and Rebecca literally can make you so Relaxed that even with pregnancy insomnia you can sleep all night!

All in all pregnancy yoga is the best decision I have made to ensure I have kept flexible, fitter and prepared for birth, alongside meeting other lovely mummies and relaxing at the end of a stressful week.

I would recommend it to anyone and I have listed Spiritual Warrior Yogas social channels below in case you wanted to check it out-